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For more than 25 years, we’ve focused on conducting market research for Latin America and gathering market intelligence to help companies succeed in the region. But our work is less about customer surveys for Latin America and more on deep dives into challenging areas. That’s because our clients are often faced with strategic decisions they have to make:

  • Selecting a partner or distributor in Latin America
  • Counteracting a sudden price drop by a competitor
  • Deciding whether a particular market is worth investing in
  • Strategic planning for the short and long-term in a volatile market
  • Evaluating risks with a mining operation
  • Sizing a very specific market to determine its profit potential
  • Neutralizing gray market or black market competitors

And much more, as our case studies will show. So we’re called in to provide not only hard data regarding these complex business challenges, but also insight and analysis so that clients have clear direction to make the best decisions.

Sharing Business Intelligence for Latin America

We use AMI Perspectiva to share what we’ve learned, as well as speaking opportunities in industry events.

But lately we’ve also been using webinars, which offer us a chance to offer more insights into specific topic. While some of you are undoubtedly aware of our webinars (and thanks for attending!), others may not have heard of them or had the chance to participate.

As such, we wanted to share videos from a few of these webinars below since they may offer some helpful insights.

2018 Latin American Forecast

All of the key practice leaders for AMI came together to offer a specific, strategic look ahead at what to expect in 2018. So in less than an hour, you will get a quick takes on what to expect with Latin American payments, healthcare, logistics, consumer/retail and politics.


Latin American E-Commerce Payments and Logistics

This July 2017 webinar covers key challenges with e-commerce in Latin America, starting with paying for products and then the logistics of delivering them. Our practice leaders — Lindsay Lehr for payments and Diego Rodriguez for logistics — go over these challenges and possible solutions, joined by experts like Fernando D’Alessio from and Felipe Iván Campos from FedEx.

Click the icon below to download presentation slides from this webinar:

Managing Mining Risks in Latin America

After helping miners in LatAm mitigate and manage risks for the past 10 years in more than 200 projects, AMI has developed a very strong understanding of the pitfalls and the best risk management practices for mining in Latin America. In this webinar, AMI Managing Director and Remi Piet — Senior Director of our Natural Resources and Infrastructure Practice — discuss the 7 major risks and include real-world case studies and guidance for managing them with maximum effectiveness.

Click the icon below to download presentation slides from this webinar:


Want to get a jump on your strategic planning with rock-solid data and analysis?

Need a deeper understanding of a particular market in Latin America or in a specific country?

Looking to manage risks with a mining investment or conduct due diligence on a partner in a joint venture?

Or is it some other strategic concern — perhaps introducing your product into the payments ecosystem, preparing for Amazon’s expansion into the region or having a smooth Latam market entry?

If so, contact us to explore further how we can help. 





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